We wish for our children to have bright futures as confident, articulate, and active leaders in their communities. MYI aims to enable children to achieve just that. We create an environment in which children can learn, grow, and flourish, unlocking their potentials as the future’s leaders.

Building our future

The Muslim Youth Initiative aims to produce confident individuals who go on to become the frontrunners in their future professions and pursuits. The MYI aims to inculcate the yearning for excellence and the desire to be from the Siddiqūn into the youth, pushing them to take active, contributory roles within their wider societies.

MYI mission is to create a challenging and motivating environment in which there is a wealth of learning opportunities to allow each student to reach their full spiritual, intellectual, and physical potentials.


Instilling Key Values

Our Tarbiyah programme promotes activism, Da’wah, and righteous actions, as well as excellence in Īmān, character, and knowledge.

One of the primary purposes of Tarbiyah is to make young people aware of the values on which their Islamic identities, worldviews, and perspectives are based, helping them to establish their own stances on the events that occur throughout their lives. Young people need to learn about and develop, these core Islamic values to be able to tackle the oft-chaotic and confused surroundings in which they are placed. The MYI curriculum is an important means through which this personal development can occur.


Tarbiyah: The gradual Islamic nurturing of a person in all aspects, with the aim of attaining happiness in both this life and the next.


We believe that every student has individual, cultural, and religious sets of beliefs, experiences, skills, and interests, which require careful nurturing and guidance. Comprehensive education must include the development of compassion, tolerance, and respect for the rights of Allah and his creation. MYI believes in reinforcing and building upon the strength of the family unit and parental guidance by providing Murrabis and Murabbiyaat to collaboratively nurture, socially re-inform, thoughtfully interact with, and effectively communicate with them.

Our wish for every young person is that they grow to become positive contributors to their societies throughout their everyday lives. It is our firm belief that in order to properly achieve this, they need to become learned in the Islamic sciences and they need to be fervent worshippers of Allah. This will allow them to achieve success in both this life and the next. By providing structure, support, and direction to their learning, the MYI curriculum can aid our youth and allow them to achieve this everlasting success. The curriculum complements the nurturing provided by families, schools, and communities, reinforcing the core elements of good character and building upon previous experiences.