The focus is on Tarbiyyah20150307_172058

Tarbiyyah aims to develop competent individuals, teaching through books and activities, whilst instilling a love for, and devotion to, Allah. Character development is often a very difficult process, and Da’wah plays a part in it. We need to follow the model of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in how he changed people and guided them to success. We need to prepare our youth for the Akhirah that awaits them and not focus our efforts solely on the Dunya around them.

The Taybiyah provided by the MYI should help each student on their journey to become one of the Siddiqūn, attaining lofty positions in paradise. The Siddiqūn are able to excel despite life’s obstacles. The MYI also strives to make its students Mu’iminūn, a special group of people who have been described in the Qur’an as being habitual prayers of Salāh.



How are teaching is tailored for our Young?

Our lessons are well planned and have clear structures to direct student development. They are:

  • Interactive – involving the students in their learning
  • Motivating – engendering enthusiasm and a love for the subject matters
  • Tailored – with the needs and individuality of each student being considered
  • Informative – building upon the students’ knowledge bases and competencies

The lessons involve Tafsir and Qur’anic topics. Students are empowered and are encouraged to work in a number of ways, including both individual and group work. Memorable stories are told to students to give them the benefit of past examples and to strengthen key learning points. Entertainment and fun have been made central to the method of learning to keep students both engaged and happy throughout their time with us.

Tarbiyyah not just for the children but for their Parents too!AA1_7282

MYI does not limit learning to a small number of days. Instead, students are given the tools to continue their learning and Taybiyah when they leave. There are also a number of ways through which parents can also get involved in their children’s learning. Our curriculum enables learning to continue lifelong and it also promotes strategies for parental involvement.

MYi Events

  1. Weekend Retreats

Inspiring getaways for our youth, where they can immerse themselves in not only a fun packed weekend but a holistic and foundation-building 3-year programme which we hope will foster those skills and qualities that will make them the truly special young men and women of the future.

  1. One Day Courses

From GCSE revision days to public speaking courses, these events target specific learning objectives to supplementing and supporting extra-curricular education outside of the MYI.

  1. MYi Fundays

These special fundays for all the children, their siblings, parents, and friends are coming soon –watch this space!