Crate Stacking – Whilst standing on top of the stack, how high can you build the structure beneath you before it comes crashing down? Requiring balance and confidence, this activity will push you to your limits whilst encouraging teamwork and communication.

Climbing – Fellow group members will master the art of belaying as you develop your climbing technique on our purpose-built walls. Develop your confidence in climbing and learn to trust your teammates.

Archery – Requires precision, control, and a steady hand. Learn and develop the techniques required to hit your targets, just like Robin Hood.

Raft Building – Your team have the opportunity to build rafts to carry yourselves across the water – hopefully, without sinking or falling in. Develop communication, teamwork, and logistical skills. Instructors will provide support and ideas, but ultimately, your planning and cooperation skills are the keys to success in this activity.

Sky-hi Walk – A 14-meter beam is suspended 6 meters above ground. Participants are then belayed from the ground and are tasked with climbing a cargo net and then walking along the length of the beam. Dancing, hopping, and beam hugging are all possible ways to make this challenge even harder.

Orienteering – A great opportunity for young people to experience decision-making in team situations. Learn navigation skills as you find the various hidden markers around the outdoor course.

Team-building – A number of problem-solving exercises to get your group really working together. The tasks will vary depending on the group but all are designed to be challenging and fun. Each task is reviewed to ensure that your group develops communication and logical thinking skills throughout the activity.

Pioneering – A great way to develop teamwork, communication, and logistical skills. With a large range of equipment and plenty of ideas, we can work with groups to build anything from giant gateways to swings.