MYI is a non-profit educational organisation that uses the outdoors to create learning environments for young people from all walks of life. Through Allah’s blessings, our experienced staff are able to run adventurous and challenging outdoor learning programmes that equip young people with valuable skills. We help them become more confident, effective, and capable at school, college, and university.

All our programmes aim to inspire and motivate the youths.  They all take place in the natural outdoor environments, away from many modern amenities and distractions. Participants learn to appreciate the balance between risk, reward and responsibility, and they leave our programmes with transferable skills that are applicable in everyday life. it is hoped that these skills will have a profound impact on the future scholastic and work-related successes of the participants.



We try to bring out the best in youngsters – be they school children or university students – irrespective of their backgrounds. We teach them that they can achieve whatever they set out to achieve. Tarbiyah, unlike teaching, involves more than just imparting knowledge onto students. Tarbiyah additionally focusses on pushing students to implement the knowledge they have gained in their lives.

Our programme is unique because it concerns itself predominantly with the end result of the education we deliver. Programmes that fail to focus on the end product have a tendency to deliver only short-term benefits. Our teaching is based around practical scenarios and solutions are arrived at collectively, providing meaningful and long-lasting impacts. These are some of the benefits of our weekend retreats, where teachers do more than just mechanically run through a predefined curriculum.