Welcome to the Successful Living Webinar. Muslim Youth Guide to Productivity.

As a member of Yaseen Youth Tours, this course is discounted for you at £20 per person.

In this 2-day course, we aim to explore:
• How to develop good habits
• Having a vision
• How to achieve visions/goals
• Achieving high
• Being proactive
• Learning to listen actively and being understood
• and much more…

An Interactive webinar with an opportunity to ask questions, download PDF documents, test your knowledge in the quiz session and a chance to benefit from our FREE 1-1 coaching session after the completion of the course where you speak to one of our MYI Murabbis who will guide you through your plans Inshaallah.

We have all been given the same amount of time. The key is how many of us know how to use this and make the most of it.

Join us on Saturday 20th and Sunday the 21st of June on a journey to ‘Successful Living: a Muslim Youth Guide to Productivity’

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Successful Living: Youth Productivity Webinar (YYT)

Course fee: £20 (YYT Discount)