Boys London Retreat: Follow me, And Allah will love you

How many of us say we love the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), yet when we are asked who he is, we know very little or nothing. What do we really know about Him (ﷺ)? What did he look like? How did he dress? What were his mannerisms and conduct with others? So many questions to ask […]

1BoysRet3 Surah Al-Fath & Al-Nasr (Boys Retreat)

In this retreat, we will be going through the end part of the life of the Prophet Muhammad (salallahu ‘alayhi wasalaam). How Allah has completed the faith and made Islam as His chosen religion. How Muhammad (salallahu ‘alayhi wasalaam) has completed his mission of delivering the message and gained victory, all in 23 years of […]

Speak Good or Remain Silent: Lessons from Surah Al Noor

MYI retreats are usually held at scout campsites in and around major cities in the UK. The London venues include campsites in both East and South London. Specific venue details will be sent out to registrants approximately 7-10 days before the start date of the retreat.