Muslim Youth Initiative

Why YOU need MYi?

When we look at our children, we dream of a bright future. Imagine an environment where our children can grow up to become confident, articulate, active leaders in ever growing spheres of influence. We try to provide that intelligent learning environment in which our youth can grow and flourish into the future leaders of Europe. MYi – Building our future.

What we do at MYi?

In MYi our aim is simple – to help the individual achieve their full physical, intellectual, social and economic potential. Young people develop most when they are ‘learning by doing’. MYi’s learning environments are filled with interactive, engaging, fun activities from outdoor retreats, fun days & invaluable revision days.

MYi Retreats

Our outdoor weekend retreats take place at different Scout camps around major cities. Retreats provide a unique environment filled with outdoor activities, inspiring discussions and the spirit of brotherhood.